GCSEs: Chichester High School celebrating '˜stunning' record grades

Chichester High School are celebrating '˜stunning' record GCSE grades.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 4:41 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:14 pm

Despite ‘many changes’ to the exam system, a show of ‘real determination’ saw students secure top grades across the board.

Executive Principal Yasmin Maskatiya, said: “We have had the privilege of teaching these young people over the past few years and are delighted that so many of them have done so well.

“They will go on to greater success, I am sure.

Chichester High School students jump for joy after receiving their results. Picture contributed
Chichester High School students jump for joy after receiving their results. Picture contributed

“Thank you to staff for the work that they have put in and also thanks to the parents who have supported them through challenging times.”

A school spokesman, who put the success down to ‘an incredible amount of preparation’ added: “It is a privilege to be celebrating with our students as they receive their exam results.

“This day is about celebrating the achievements of each individual as it is the culmination of much hard work, many many exams and an incredible amount of preparation.

“Despite headlines that top grades were much harder to achieve, we are celebrating stunning record top grades 7-9, in English, maths and a number of other subjects.”

Ishika Dutta (right) harbours dreams of working in engineering. Picture contributed

Chichester High School added that they are ‘excited’ that many students are staying on at the sixth form, including head boy Callum Peyman and head girl Alice Fryer ‘who achieved two grade 8s, four grade 7s as well as grade B and grades 6’.

The spokesman continued: “Top achieving mathematicians and all round high achievers Ishika Dutta and Nat Westwood will also be staying with us to continue their maths and science studies having achieved grade 9s in maths and further maths along with a string of grade 8 and 9’s.”

Speaking to the Observer, Ishika Dutta, who achieved six 9s, four 8s and one A* with a distinction, said: “I’m really thrilled. I am feeling amazing right now.

“I worked hard but a lot must go to my teachers who were so supportive and always went out of their way to keep the class going.”

Josh Farrier and Charlie Simmons received impressive results. Picture contributed

Ishika, who aims to study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry or history at A level, has successfully completed a work experience placement at BAE Systems to support her potential career in engineering.

The school spokesman said: “Many of our students have not only achieved academically but made the most of all opportunities that have been given to them either in our highly successful senior Hockey team or, like Kitty Ancell and Abigail Tweed, by achieving places on a Houses of Parliament work placement this summer.”

The school gave their congratulations to other top achievers; Kitty Ancell, Juste Balkyte, Rhianna and Theoren Batchelor, Rachel Baylis, Bethany Brown, Stephanie Brown, Eliza Burton, Olivia Davies, Ishika Dutta, Julia Dylewska, Joshua Farrier,

Alice Fryer, Rachel Gifford, Natasha Hawkes, Amelia Hayes, Amelia Hikin, Stephanie Holmes, Molly Hugo, Bethany Ifould, Lauren Jensen, Hannah Kageson-Loe, Oliver Mitchell, Katie North, Alisha Patel, Bronnen Pears, Maria Rivadossi, Lucy Rock, Charlie Simmons, Abby Smith, Abigail Tweed, Nat Westwood, Katherine Wilkinson and Jennifer Williams.

(left to right) Charlie Simmons, Josh Farrier, Oliver Mitchell, Marcus Abidaon and Theo Batchelor. Picture contributed

Oliver Mitchell received one 9, three 8s, four 7s and one 6 and is going to be staying at Chichester High School Sixth Form.

He told the Observer: “I am very pleased. I worked really hard and it culminated in a good set of results.”

Oliver plans to take maths, further maths, geography and business, with the aim of going to university to study economics.

Josh Farrier, who received three 9s, one 8, five 7s and one B said: “I was so nervous (when waiting for the results) but a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears has paid off.”

Josh is planning on taking English language and literature as one of his A levels at the school sixth form.

Twins Theo and Rhianna Batchelor received a good set of results and are both looking to go into a career of sport psychology or coaching.

Twins Theo and Rhianna Batchelor hope to go to university after completing their A levels. Picture contributed

Theo, who achieved three 7s, five 6s and one 5, was ‘over the moon’ with his results after some ‘tough’ exams and hectic schedule, which meant prioritising geography, maths and biology.

He plans to stay in the school sixth form to study psychology, B tech Sport Science and geography.

Rhianna, who earned two 9s, three 8s, three 7s, one 6 and a distinction in sport, said: “I put in a lot of effort. I really wanted to do well.

“It probably helped that our dad is a history teacher!”

Rhianna plans to study English language, French, sport and history at A Level.

The school spokesman concluded: “All our students and staff showed real determination to succeed in a year that has brought so many changes to our examination system and at CHS we are delighted to have achieved 60% of pupils passing maths and English.

“This coupled with our excellent A Level results last week, is truly the beginning of a fantastic journey for our successful young men and women.”

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