Green Chichester councillor completes bike ride a year after serious accident

One year after her serious bike accident, councillor Sarah Sharp has remounted her bicycle to complete the journey she didn't get to finish last December.

Monday, 12th December 2016, 1:19 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:50 pm
Sarah Sharp with fellow cycle campaigners

The Green city councillor was cycling near the police station when she was in collision with a car along Basin Way on December 11.

Sarah suffered a broken shoulder, six broken ribs and two cracked vertebrate and had to be airlifted to Southampton General Hospital, where she remained until being allowed home on Christmas Eve.

To mark the date, Sarah was joined by fellow cycle campaigners to raise awareness of the fact that nothing has been changed to the junction where the collision took place.

Cllr Sharp said: “It does feel great to be back on a bike after so many months, it is such a good way to get around the city – much quicker than on foot.

“I still can’t use my right arm to signal properly so my cycling will be limited for a while yet, but it was good to make this step forward along the road to recovery.”

Sarah added that Chichester District Council has plans to look at the traffic layout of the Southern Gateway as part of the large development and she hopes that ‘the needs of cyclists and pedestrians will be in the minds of the planners’.