Join Mia’s fight against food waste in West Sussex

Did you know that on average one out of every five bags of food shopping is thrown away? This autumn the West Sussex Waste Partnership will again be joined by local schoolgirl Mia – star of the recent Mia Recycles campaign – to highlight the amount of food that gets wasted across the county every day.

Promoted by West Sussex County Council
Friday, 22nd November 2019, 12:40 pm
Meet Mia, who is fighting food waste in West Sussex

The Fight Against Food Waste campaign is designed to help local residents reduce their waste and save money.

You can see Mia in a new video, showing at selected cinemas around the county, as well as on social media.

Some food waste is unavoidable, such as egg shells or banana skins, but these can often be composted if you have a garden and the space for a composter. However 70 per cent of the food that goes into waste bins could have been eaten!

Save money and reduce your food waste

The most commonly wasted food items, such as bread, potatoes and milk, are all often thrown away because people have bought too much, or haven’t used them in time, at a cost of £70 per month for the average family of four.

Thinking about the amount of food you buy and throw away is especially important around Christmas, when many of us get extra food for guests, or to indulge a little bit more.

The West Sussex Waste Partnership knows that up to 40 per cent of the contents of general waste bins in West Sussex is food waste, and simple things such as making a shopping list, or checking your cupboards and fridge before you go shopping, can really help to cut down on the amount of food that goes into the bin.

You can visit to find useful tips and hints as to how you can reduce the amount of food you throw away, and save money on your food bill at the same time.

Don’t forget you can also still find all of Mia’s videos helping to cut the confusion of recycling online, head to or look on social media for #MiaRecycles