Can we use the bridge over Aldingbourne Rife again?

I felt the need to write down my sad feelings about the bridge over the Aldingbourne Rife off of Brook Lane on the Glenwood Estate.

Thursday, 13th December 2018, 5:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 8:18 am

This bridge has been blocked by high wire cages padlocked together to prevent families, students and dog walkers entering the field on the other side and then continuing on to either walk through to Felpham College, Downview School or just to enjoy walking their dogs on through to the following fields and nature conservation area.

Families and students also use the same route back when schools are out.

The bridge and the field has been used for many, many years as far back as 50 years from the memory of one resident of the Glenwood Estate.

It provided a pleasant easy walk around the perimeter of the field to exercise dogs and meet and chat to neighbours, and to take children and grandchildren to stand on the bridge to see ducks, swans cruise under the bridge and to see dragonflies and even the odd kingfisher.

Others could ride bikes, push pushchairs into Felpham and beyond.

Now, for some reason the ‘new owner’ has decided to deny access with no explanation as to why.

Is this because they can because they now own it?

Could we not come to some compromise and if necessary follow any rules the owners might like to impose?

We can see the field, so near and so far. It is so sadly missed.

Can we please use it again?

K. Porter, Highfield Crescent, Bognor