STUART McGINLEY: The Brits shows that our '˜talent' falls flat

It's awards time again and The Brits is supposed to showcase the best of our talent to the rest of the world, sadly once again I felt underwhelmed by the whole experience.

Sunday, 5th March 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:11 pm

I remember watching the fiasco in 1989 with Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox and thinking it couldn’t get any worse, but in truth at least it was more entertaining, and we had real music stars with talent receiving awards!

For me, one of the best performances came from international artist Bruno Mars, he put us Brits to shame with just seemingly effortless class and quality. I thought it was rather telling that the biggest British export Adele couldn’t even make it over to accept her award! But don’t worry, we’ve always got Robbie Williams to save the day? No! He was never the best singer but a terrific showman, but he seems a bit lost these days and lost his spark, not to mention that voice.

I was moved to tears by the tribute to George Michael by his old band mates Andrew Ridgeley and of course Pepsi and Shirley, words spoken from the heart and clearly a very emotional moment for them. I thought the musical tribute to George would at least come close to matching the quality of the late singer, but in truth it fell way short.

A Different Corner struck me as a very strange choice of song for Chris Martin to sing, as it didn’t match the Coldplay front man’s voice in any way.

Was there nobody else available to sing it, even Adele could have had a go, but then again perhaps after her disaster at the Grammy’s, maybe she wasn’t interested.

Where was Elton John? I thought he would have been there to pay tribute to his long-time friend with whom he had shared so much and of course a huge number one song together.

It’s quite startling to think that Madonna is the only really big global music star from the ‘80s era left with us today, with Prince, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and now George no longer with us. I am sure most of their music will stand the test of time a lot better than some of the British ‘talent’ we witnessed at the awards last week.

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