LETTER: A27: Will improve traffic flow

It is deeply disappointing that a small group, including a few councillors, are back on their hobby horse and attempting to mislead people that a northern bypass route is a possible option.

Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 4:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:06 pm

The government has put aside a substantial amount of money to relieve congestion for a number of towns and cities. We have a choice of five plans; only one of which, Option 2, addresses the concerns we all have regarding every junction.

It may not be perfection and it may be possible that minor changes can be made. However, unless there is a large majority for one of the five, the money will go elsewhere and we will get nothing.

The idea that if we throw all our toys out of our pram the government will provide another pot of gold, for a route that they have already rejected and that leaves the present A27 unaltered, is beyond belief. To make matters worse there are rumours that some county councillors are planning to vote “No Option”on September 15 which, if true, will be a disaster for the Chichester district.

What Option 2 does is improve traffic flow from the south of the city into Chichester and to the north. By avoiding the present delays, it will improve the flow of east west traffic both through and local. This is important for Chichester as the vast majority of the traffic, approximately 60 per cent, is local. Current plans call for 7,388 new houses in the Chichester district and there are unpublished plans to increase this number. Only a very small number will be built in the National Park, while many will be built on the Manhood peninsular, or close to the A27. This can only exacerbate the existing traffic problems.

We have until September 22 to back the only viable Option 2. Baying at the moon for what is not on offer by backing ‘No Option’ or even a scatter gun approach to the five on offer, will ensure there will be no improvement and we will all suffer the consequences.

John Holmes

Lower Field