LETTER: MP's comments ill informed

In defence of '˜Worth Less' West Sussex Schools campaign for fairer funding.

Saturday, 8th July 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:20 pm

I felt compelled to write following the ill-informed comments and smears made by Henry Smith (Crawley MP) for criticising the Worth Less West Sussex Schools campaign for fairer funding for alleging its activities were illegal and misleading, as reported in the Chichester Observer last week.

As a parent with children in local state schools the correspondence received was both carefully worded and above all factually accurate – unlike most party-political manifestos.

Perhaps Henry Smith did not really like the wide success of the campaign by its national and social media coverage for correctly highlighting shameful disparities in state school pupil funding.

Or is it because most MPs tend not to send their own children to state schools – so do not really appreciate or understand?

Like many complacent Sussex Tory MPs, Henry Smith et al were elected on significantly reduced majorities earlier this month.

Therefore, perhaps these MPs need to reflect upon why this may be? Is it because of the continual intergenerational inequality their divisive social policies have generated? Or is because Tory MPs were seen gleefully cheering (when in April they got a £1,000 pay-rise) when they successfully voted down the removal of seven year one per cent public sector pay cap for teachers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, policemen last week?

This all goes to demonstrate how dishonourable, shameful and morally bankrupt this government is, especially when a £1bn ‘public money tree’ is found to prop up a weak PM in her ‘bung’ parliament with DUP support. Future historians and political commentators will no doubt judge this ‘lame’ coalition to be on the wrong side of progressive history yet again.