LETTER: Reflecting past and future

Linden Homes and Miller Homes want to thank the members of Chichester District Council and the people of Chichester for working with us and resolving to grant planning permission for the first 750 homes at Whitehouse Farm on November 11.

Saturday, 10th December 2016, 6:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:09 pm

The members of the planning committee made it clear that working together on the planning application was imperative.

Linden Homes and Miller Homes have heard and understood the concerns of the residents and will be working hard with all the relevant parties and we will endeavour to bring forward the Southern Access as soon as possible.

We are excited to move onto the next stage of delivering this new addition to the city of Chichester and to delivering all of the community benefits and infrastructure of the site, including the 225 affordable dwellings, the country park, the local centre, the school facilities and the new homes that the Local Plan aspires

to deliver.

Our aim throughout both phase 1 and phase 2 has been and will be, to create a sustainable community that will form a natural and fully integrated part of Chichester, reflecting both its past and investing in its future.

We are in it for the long run and we are very much looking forward to help you deliver the future of Chichester.

Sam Mogridge

On behalf of Linden Homes and Miller Homes