LETTER: Tinkering with A27 no good

Whilst I hate the thought of more roads being built, losing more countryside and breaking up villages, the current A27 has been requiring rejuvenation for at least 30 years, which is when the Emsworth to Chichester bypass was opened but that took 40 years to achieve, so maybe Chichester is 70 years behind!

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 9:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:42 am

I can’t see that tinkering with the current A27 will make it much better and certainly not long term, i.e 30 years plus.

So options 4 or 5 are my choice, or remove 50 per cent of the traffic immediately.

The redevelopment of Southern Gateway is a fantastic idea and in the right hands could make Chichester more of a county city than it is currently.

From previous experience of planning being allowed though, (Novium, 89-91 East Street rear of shop extension, Pallant House Gallery, Lakeside leisure) I wouldn’t bank on it being the focal point of the south, that it could be.

Ideas for the redevelopment should be taken from other schemes that have been successful such as; Bristol wharf, Clarks village in Street, Somerset/Bicester retail park, they certainly don’t need to ‘copycat’, as we have enough of that going on within the city centre and retail parks.

The level crossings obviously should be closed and Royal Mail, bus station, demolished and redevelopment taken place to incorporate new facilities.

Paul Laker, West Street, Selsey