LETTER: We must keep traffic flowing

A big '˜thank you' to the West Street roadworks contractors.

Friday, 10th November 2017, 2:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:50 pm

Speedy and well organised, who have made speedy and well organised progress on the reconstruction. But have you seen the disruption to the traffic from the lights on the Westgate roundabout?

Buses into the city were delayed, stacked at one end of the lights or the other, producing a horrible increase in polluting fumes in densely occupied areas.

The vehicle queues at the Westgate roundabout frequently blocked the exit from North Walls, also used by County Hall and Wall Cottage Drive, and sometimes even brought the Avenue de Chartres and Orchard Street to a blocked halt.

What a timely view into the future for the proposed traffic changes to accommodate the increase from the White House Farm houses.

There is a belief that the new houses will generate more cyclists, who find the roundabout a hazard.

First tentative proposals are to take out the Westgate roundabout and put in a traffic light controlled crossroad. The problems this will cause have been dramatically illustrated over the last two weeks.

These proposals must be re-thought to keep the traffic flowing so as to avoid the problems set out above.