LETTER: What happened to safety slogan?

Once again, with the advent of dark evenings it would seem that a minority of the population consider the majority have extra visual capabilities in the dark.

Saturday, 12th November 2016, 7:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:16 pm

On Wednesday evening I was driving my car over a railway bridge and slowing for a roundabout in Goring when I was confronted with a jogger dressed completely in black, with his back to me running down the centre of the road.

I only saw him when he looked over his shoulder to see if it was safe to cross the road in front of me.

My immediate reaction was to brake hard causing my car to skid. Needless to say, the jogger did not stop.

On Friday evening, when approaching Littlehampton railway station a bicycle with no lights appeared from the pavement into the road in front of my car and overtook two parked cars.

Again this caused me to execute emergency braking.

When I drew level with the by now weaving bicycle it was being edalled by a young man in dark clothing with a girl on the crossbar.

What happened to using lights and the old safety slogan ‘When out at night, wear something white’?

Stuart Threlfall

Norfolk Gardens