Not against Chichester ice rink, only Priory Park location

I am a user of Priory Park and I would like to object most strongly to the application for a drinks licence as well as for the siting of an ice rink, which appears to have crept through so quickly without giving people who are concerned chance to object.

Thursday, 15th November 2018, 8:51 am
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 9:51 am

I am not against an ice rink for the city, just the location, which would be difficult to police, given the area of the park which needs to be protected.

A large area of grass will be damaged and will take a long time to recover.

Noise, as advertised times applied for indicate, from generators, drinkers until long after the normal closing times of the park, will be difficult for the nearby residents to cope with.

No parking for local residents, which I understand is being suspended, even though it is already paid for in advance. An area of Northgate car park being kept for vehicles servicing the stalls and ice rink, losing income.

The idea that this will bring people into the city is not accurate, just kite flying. I understand any weddings already booked for the Guildhall have been told the venue is no longer available – very hard on couples who have been planning for months ahead.

The impact it will have on the surrounding businesses and licensed premises at a busy time of the year and the café in the park competing with stalls at the ice rink is also a concern.

The entrance to the park will be open until late on occasion for the ice rink, giving an open invitation to those intent on causing trouble that the few police available have to deal with normally on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I speak from experience.

As the planning appears to be done and dusted, I object to the licensing application on the site planned, and the ludicrous time of openings the trouble it will bring.

We park lovers await with trepidation the vandalism and trouble this event will bring to our park and to the city. A better site could have been found.

Les Stewart, Armadale Road, Chichester