Referendum on Brexit deal is the only way forward

I was puzzled to see that a pro ‘no deal Brexit’ letter was published in the Chichester Observer from a Ray Tiller living in London.

Thursday, 17th January 2019, 9:16 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:33 pm

It was obviously a letter sent to many other areas and contained assertions that were clearly untrue in respect of this area e.g. “Your constituency voted overwhelmingly for Brexit.” The result here was 50.9 per cent for leave and 49.1 per cent for remain, even closer than the national result.

Why did you publish this nonsense from someone living nowhere near the area you cover?

I totally accept that local people who favour a ‘no deal Brexit’ have a right to submit their views to your paper, and I have responded robustly to such views several times in the past.

Our Parliament is in chaos and cannot so far agree a way out of this almighty mess that the Government have created. Our own MP, Gillian Keegan, co-signed an open letter to the Prime Minister a few days ago opposing a ‘no deal Brexit’ but then voted against a motion also seeking to prevent a ‘no deal Brexit’ in the Commons on 8th January. Happily this cross-party motion was passed even without her support.

We are fast running out of time to stop a catastrophic ‘no deal Brexit’. The only democratic way forward is a referendum on the deal negotiated by the Government, with an option to retain the much better deal we already have, and remain in the EU.

John Wilton, York Road, Chichester