Bognor-based author seeking ‘mini’ investors to help produce TV series about children’s mental health

Deborah McPhilemy, a children’s author living in Pagham, has put out a call for mini ‘angel’ investors that will help her produce a TV show designed to develop the emotional intelligence of children.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 4:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th September 2021, 4:48 pm

The author, who also works as a public speaker on emotional intelligence, said she wants the show to be as interactive and engaging as possible, giving children a chance to learn about their mental health as they bond with characters, engage with stories and participate in a variety of activities.

“Children like to be involved, people in general like to be involved, to be creative, to interact and to ‘do’. With an interactive, colourful ‘edutaining’ TV show, all children, no matter what their learning style, can engage and learn.”

Ms McPhilemy is also the author of The Bears of Blueberry Forest, a series of children’s books which use bright, colourful characters to help children understand their emotions.

Deborah McPhilemy with some of the Bears of Blueberry Forest lKAeEw41eRvdf_GRk52b

Her proposed TV show would turn those well-loved characters into stars of the small screen, bringing their message of self-care and emotional intelligence to an even wider audience. But, to get the show off the ground, Ms McPhilmey has started a crowdfund campaign to raise the £2 million she’ll need to cover production costs.

“I believe that the people who will support this Crowdfunder are also people who feel a sense of urgency, and have a heart’s desire, for children to be empowered with these life skills that give them the ability to create a safer, brighter future for themselves.”

Those who invest in the campaign will receive an e-book or video book about children’s emotional intelligence.