Chichester's Four Streets Project set to reopen more services

A Chichester homelessness charity has spoken about its plans to reopen more of its services, a year on from the beginning of lockdown.

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 8:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 8:04 pm
Donna Ockenden of the Four Streets Project

The Four Streets Project was founded in 2017 and provides meals and support to the homeless and vulnerably housed in the community.

This week, the charity announced its takeaway supper club would be returning on April 6 from the Old Glassworks in St Cyriacs.

Donna Ockenden, founder of The Four Streets Project, said: "We will be back to doing our supper clubs and we are liaising with Stonepillow and we will look forward to seeing the people we are caring for.

"We are going back to what we were doing before Covid became such a big problem for us.

"I have kept in touch with everyone we have been caring for and we will be providing food at night, a listening ear and support in the ways that we have since 2017."

Donna said the city 'should be proud' of itself after a year and thanked the community for its continued support throughout the pandemic.

"We are really grateful to the local people, families and local businesses that have continued to support us," she added.

"The support of the city and district council and community has been huge over the pandemic and much appreciated. Chichester should be proud.

"We know that our country and Chichester itself has had a very difficult time during the Covid pandemic and it will take time to recover. At the Four Street Project we know that there will be an important role for us still helping homeless, hungry and vulnerable local people, now and in the future.

"We will ensure we are here, based locally in Chichester, caring for local people for as long as we are needed."