Delight as Easter bunny visits Grandad’s Front Room

Forget rabbit hutches, spring meadows and far-away forests, this year the Easter bunny made her home in Grandad’s Front Room.

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 11:24 am
The Easter bunny in Grandad's Front Room. photo by Neil Cooper.
The Easter bunny in Grandad's Front Room. photo by Neil Cooper.

Nestling up in the shop’s front window, she gave out free Easter eggs to all her guests and used a Covid safe two way speaker to chat her.

She was in the shop window accepting visitors from April 1 to April 6. In that time, she gave out nearly 600 free Easter eggs, collected by Grandad’s Front Room staff, to children.

On Tuesday, she also appeared in Hotham Park, hiding with her egg stash for little ones to find her.

Danny Dawes, who helped organise the Easter bunny’s visit, said: “The Easter bunny walked 100 yards into the park and just got mobbed. It was ridiculous. There were kids running up to her, giving her hugs. Everything.

“It was so humbling to see what people were up to,and to see the kids smiling. It was brilliant.”

This isn’t the first holiday event Grandad’s Front Room has organised.

Last winter, the Community Interest Company also played host to Father Christmas, who sat in the shop’s front window and met children from all over the town, giving each of his guests a free Christmas gift.

Mr Dawes said: “We operate on very little cash. But if we could bank the tears and the smiles, we’d be rich.”

To find out more about Grandad’s Front Room, which offers support time, furniture and white goods to people throughout the community, visit it’s website.