Hens left to die in sweltering heat in Sidlesham by '˜heartless breeder'

Two sealed cardboard boxes rammed full of hens were left without air holes outside an animal rescue centre.

Friday, 25th August 2017, 11:55 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:24 pm
Seven hens were already dead but Irene and her daughter managed to save the other 23
Seven hens were already dead but Irene and her daughter managed to save the other 23

Seven of the 30 hens were found dead, the rest almost dead, squashed together in sweltering heat.

Irene Clarke, who runs The Old Gardens Animal Rescue Centre in Sidlesham, said: “My 13-year-old daughter was with me when we found them, it broke her heart when she opened the boxes.

“They were left outside the centre in two TV boxes, big enough for three hens not 15.

The centre is 'absolutely overrun' by Hens after rescuing 200 from slaughter

“They had no air to breath, they were rammed top of each other in such a state.”

Irene and her young daughter wrapped the barely alive chickens in cold wet towels and, though seven were already dead, they fortunately managed to revive the rest who are now being nursed back to health.

Irene said she had earlier taken a call from a man who said he had 30 hens to drop off at around 4pm on Tuesday, August 15.

She told him she wasn’t at the centre and the latest he could bring them was 5.30pm, but to ring first.

200 'lovely' white ducks also need a home

“There was no call but luckily we decided to come back at about 5.10pm. We found them stuffed in the boxes, it was so hot, he could have cut air holes at least.

“It was heartless. He obviously bred them because there was young ones in there.”

Irene says the rescue centre is currently ‘completely overrun’ with animals after she rescued 100 ‘lovely white ducks’ and another 200 hens set for slaughter at local battery farms.

Irene said the birds would come back into lay again and anyone interested in taking some for domestic use should get in touch.

Irene started The Old Gardens Animal Rescue Centre in Highleigh Road with her brother Johnny 15 years ago and this Saturday marks ten years since his death aged just 41.

The centre relies on donations and anyone who can help should ring Irene on 0777 567 0819.