Mixed reaction from readers as Graylingwell fence is taken down

News that a fence which separated two Chichester estates has been taken down for good has sparked a mixed reaction from Observer readers.

Friday, 27th September 2019, 5:08 pm
The gap where the fence used to be
The gap where the fence used to be

Set between Graylingwell and Winterbourne Road the fence has been repeatedly removed and rebuilt over the year.

The fence has caused anger among some residents who felt it created an 'us and them divide'.

Read our previous coverage here: Fence which blocked disabled woman's walk to church is knocked down | Disabled Chichester residents' walk to church blocked by fenceObserver readers shared their views on Facebook. Here is what some of them had to say:

Peter Lincoln said: "It's about time. Had to laugh, every time they rebuilt it the students would kick it back over again as it was adding a mile to their journey."

Jackie Pronger said: "There are plenty of other routes she could walk for exercise! Yes not having the fence there provides an easy cut through for people but when people use it all hours walking through shouting and singing it's not fair on the residents and as its not a public footpath the fence should be there!"

Stephen Holman said: "Having the fence removed is great for quick access from both sides but having lived in Homestead Road in Graylingwell you get woken up repeatedly by drunks walking back from town shouting swearing and fighting anywhere from 11pm to early hours in the morning.

"That's the main reason residents from Graylingwell get so fed up with it. It also affects the end of Lloyd Road and the new build north mead. As soon as the fence goes back up its peaceful again!"

Laura Clout said: "Let's just hope they sort the parking out on the other side as it's completely unfair on the residents in Winterbourne road when all the commercial vehicles park there and walk home.

"There is no opposition to the walkway from residents but the parking causes havoc!"

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