Mother 'heartbroken' as dog euthanised after 'eating cocaine or cannabis' during walk in Midhurst

A mother has spoken out after her dog had to be euthanised after possibly eating cocaine or cannabis in Midhurst.

Friday, 13th August 2021, 1:24 pm
Updated Friday, 13th August 2021, 2:30 pm

Melissa Holland, 26, from Petersfield Road, was walking her three-year-old springer spaniel in Midhurst Common when it suddenly collapsed.

After a trip to the vet, Melissa was told the dog - named Milo - had most likely eaten cocaine or cannabis.

Now the mother-of-one is speaking out to spread awareness of the incident and to stop similar tragedies.

Midhurst Common (left) and Milo the dog (right)

"We went out on a dog walk down to Midhurst Common. Everything was fine and he was a fit and healthy dog and he had no under-lying health issues," Melissa said.

"It looked like he tripped and from then on he started looking very wobbly and suddenly he just collapsed.

"I didn't see him eat anything and he didn't wander off from me - he never did.

"I had my little boy with me and he watched it all happen. He's only six."

Three-year-old springer spaniel, Milo

Melissa was forced to have Milo euthanised and described the occasion as 'heartbreaking'.

"I was just numb and heart broken. He was only three-years-old and he was a happy, active lunatic. I would walk into the room and you'd only have to look at him and you would laugh.

"He constantly wanted his paws and his head held."

Melissa held the dog's head as it was put-down yesterday (Thursday, August 12).

After taking to social media to share the harrowing story, Melissa said 'so many people' sent well-wishes for the dog and help get the word out by sharing the story.

"If people can get the story out a little bit further for those people who aren't on Facebook.

"If I can put this out there and it saves one person's dog. Keep your dogs close by when you're walking them."

Melissa's message to the people who left the drugs in the Common was this: "Find a new hobby - one that doesn't hurt anyone or anything."