New bistro brings taste of The Balkans to Bognor

Owners of a new bistro opening on Sudley road hope to bring a taste of The Balkans to Bognor Regis

Friday, 14th May 2021, 7:18 pm
Updated Friday, 14th May 2021, 8:30 pm

Yordan Angelov has a motto: ‘good food, good mood’. When Three Five Nine, his new Bistro on Sudley Road, opens at midday on May 17 he hopes to put that philosophy to practice.

“People know that if I’m going to do something, I’m giving it my best, that there will be good customer service and good food.” He said.

This is by no means Mr Angelov’s first business. He also owns Bognor high street favourites like Syrup Cafe and T-Bone Burger, the success of which, he says, has made him confident enough to try something a little closer to his Bulgarian roots.

Three Five Nine Bistro

Where Syrup Cafe offered traditional English breakfasts and T-bone Burger dished up classic American fare, Three Five Nine Bistro will see Mr Angelov and his team presenting something much closer to home: Balkan food.

“It’s something that a lot of people have never experienced, they’ve never been to Bulgaria on holiday, so they’ve never tried it. What I’m doing here is 90% homemade. Very few things are bought in, which I think people will appreciate.

“I’ve built enough confidence in what I’m doing now. There’s a big Bulgarian community here, but I’m not just doing it for the Bulgarian community. I’m doing it because it’s a different thing to what people are used to.”

To make that experience as unique as possible, Three Five Nine will also host regular theme nights based on different Balkan cultures. Mr Angelov hopes that Greek, Turkish and Bulgarian nights, complete with live music and dance, will bring a dash of Balkan spice to the town.

The bistro will occupy 6 Sudley Road, a unit which was once home to the Sen Mediterranean restaurant. When he took it over, Mr Angelov totally refurbished the venue, adding a new bar, new tables, new chairs and plenty of Bulgarian flavour. He has also renovated the garden, adding enough facilities to seat thirty customers desperate for an al-fresco experience.

In the middle of the pandemic, that might sound like a risk, but Mr Angelov insists now is the right time to open his bistro’s doors.

“People are hungry to see new things,” he said. “If anyone wants to show something, or try something, now is the right time to do it because people have had enough of staying home and eating the same old thing. People have had enough, they want to experience new things, see new things. So, I think this is the right moment for me and my team to show what we can do and bring something different to the town.”

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