Residents continue fight for Oving traffic lights

The fight to halt the closure of traffic lights in Oving is on-going.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 10:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 10:07 am
esidents from Shopwyke Lakes and Oving are handing out leaflets to motorist to advise them on the impending closure of Oving traffic lights and directing them to an online petition. The traffic is due to be re-directed through the recently constructed estate at Shopwyke Cala Homes.......Pictured are residents handing out the leaflets

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More than 1,000 people back petition to save Oving traffic lights

Find the petition here: Petition to stop the closure of Oving traffic lightsShopwhyke Lakes resident Luke Keogh said: "What I would just like to say it that the closure of the lights is going to put a third of traffic through our estate. A lot of us have got young children and we weren't made aware of that when we bought the houses.

"The other third is going to pushed out to Bognor Road which is the most dangerous roundabout in Chichester. The resolution that we would like to come to is to keep these lights open and also have an entrance and exit of the estate and just over all lower the amount of traffic that is going to get pushed through this direction.

Pictured is resident Alison Turnbull handing out the leaflets.......Chichester, West Sussex.......Picture: Liz Pearce. ......14/12/2018......LP192119

"These residents will experience traffic calming because people will start using our estate and we wont have all these cars come through our estate so it's half and half really.

"[The aim of the campaign is to] overall have a reduction is the amount of traffic coming through and that is what we are trying to achieve by getting those 3,000 signatures."

Luke and others have been speaking to motorists and residents in a bid to gain more signatures on the petition. At the time of writing the petition has 2,376 out of 2,500.

The Shopwhyke estate. Picture: Liz Pearce. ......14/12/2018...... LP192119
Pictured is resident Luke Keogh handing out the leaflets..........Chichester, West Sussex.......Picture: Liz Pearce. ......14/12/2018......LP192122