Sussex couple appear on Pointless and reveal backstage goings-on

A couple from Sussex have appeared on BBC's Pointless and revealed some of the secrets behind how the show is made.

Friday, 4th October 2019, 12:06 pm

Blake and Richard Daniels-Britton appeared on Episode 11 and Episode 12 of Series 22 in September.

The couple, who run the Just Because gift shop in Sea Road, East Preston, made it through to the second round on their first show, but crashed out in the first round of their second episode.

Blake said he 'really wished they could have done better' but 'the questions just didn't go our way'.

Richard and Blake Daniels-Britton on Pointless. Picture: BBC

He said: "We definitely want to go back to do it again. Richard and I both enjoyed ourselves, even if the circumstances didn't go our way.

"We also enjoyed giving Worthing some exposure and especially mention of our shop!

"I'll admit that the exposure we got from Pointless was good for us and the shop, even if we didn't win anything. We have had people all week say that they enjoyed watching us on the show and that they were proud of us.

"It's good to see a small village being so supportive."

Richard and Blake Daniels-Britton outside their shop in Sea Road, East Preston

Blake had previously appeared on 15 to 1 with Sandi Toksvig in May 2017, so together the couple applied for Pointless and got through.

In May, they travelled to London to record at BBC Elstree.

Blake said: "We were both very nervous because... national TV. We didn't want to make complete fools of ourselves, and that's always the biggest fear you have.

"We had been going over lists of things like periodic table elements (Richard knew absolutely NOTHING about them before I started teaching him) and Richard was teaching me about music and some sport.

"It's especially difficult for me sometimes because I'm an American citizen and my exposure to UK life and culture, especially TV, is limited at best. We arrived thinking we were prepped fairly well."

Upon arrival, they were checked in and taken to the wardrobe area, where their clothing was chosen for best compatibility with the TV cameras; they were told to arrive with five changes of clothing and they choose two.

Blake said: "After that, we are all escorted to the green room, which is really a big tent/gazebo between stages.

"There is a big TV, chairs/sofas and games to play. The producers really try to make you feel welcome and take care of you.

"When it's your turn to film your episode, you and the other three teams all reach into the ball bag and choose your positions for the game."

Blake said he brought presenters Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong some of his American-style fudge brownies, but 'the production staff didn't seem to want to pass them along'.

He said they were then taken to the studio. He said: "After a few pointers about where you should be standing (marks on the floor, who is first, etc) Alexander (Xander as he likes to be called) and Richard then come out and greet you and welcome you. They could not be more welcoming and friendly and really break some of the tension. It's really nice."

Blake said the filming was 'almost entirely done in real time', taking an hour and a half.

He said: "When the filming started, our first episode (and again in the second) Our beards were welcomed.

"Richard Osman was in awe of the beards, especially Richard's. He asked how it gets so shiny, and of course, it's beard oil!"