Chichester planning applications submitted to the district council and the South Downs National Park Authority

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between September 30 and October 9.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 3:42 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th October 2019, 4:42 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.


AP/19/02148/FUL: Premier Marinas, Chichester Marina, Birdham. Reconfiguration of pier L.



BO/19/02499/DOM: 13 Brooks Lane. Proposed is a single-story porch and additional new screening to existing single-story extensions.


BX/19/02119/LBC: Rose Cottage, A285 Redvins Road To Tinwood Lane, Halnaker. Replace glass on 2 no. front windows.


SDNP/19/04505/HOUS: White Webbs, Church Lane. Erection of outbuilding to provide gym.


CC/19/02287/FUL: St Pauls Church, Churchside. Two storey extension with first floor balcony to east elevation, single storey extensions to the east and west elevations, new access ramp to south elevation with internal and external alterations.

CC/19/02399/TCA: 51 The Hornet. Crown raise by 3m from ground level on South East sector on 2 no. Sycamore trees (T1 and T2).

CC/19/02461/LBC: 32 North Street. Raising of second floor ceiling.

CC/19/02462/ADV: 72-73 South Street. 1 no. non-illuminated fascia sign.

CC/19/02481/DOM: 99 Worcester Road. Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension, single storey front extension and revised driveway.

CC/19/02488/TPA: 21 Harberton Crescent. Crown reduce by approximately 33% on 5 no. Sycamore trees (quoted as S1-S5), 1 no. Poplar tree (quoted as P1) and 1 no. Maple tree (quoted as M1) and fell 1 no. Ash tree (quoted as A1) (within woodland W1) subject to CC/68/00163/TPO.

CC/19/02498/LBC: 3 St Martins Square. Addition of a bespoke timber framed garden room with double glazing.

CC/19/02508/TPA: 18 Wells Crescent. Crown reduction by upto 2m and crown lift upto 3m on 1 no. Oak tree within group G3 subject to CC/60/00126/TPO.

CC/19/02503/TCA: Land East Of 20 To 28 New Park Road. Notification of intention to remove epicormic shoots from the boles to a height of 6m on 3 no. Lime trees (marked on plan as T1, T2 & T3). Reduce 1 no. lateral limb north side of crown by 2m (to clear lamp post) on Lime tree (T2).

CC/19/02505/DOM: 28 Ettrick Close. Erection of single storey rear extension.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/19/02340/FUL: Land South Of Prospect Cottage, Pottery Lane, Nutbourne. Proposed one bedroom chalet bungalow and removal of existing garage.


SDNP/19/04510/TCA: Tythe House, 47 West Marden Hill, West Marden. Notification of intention to reduce height by 2m and reduce width by 1.5m on 1 no. Beech tree (T1). Height and width reduction of 2m and thin by 20-30 % on 2 no. Apple trees (T2 and T3).

SDNP/19/04446/TCA: Westerlee, West Marden Hill, West Marden. Notification of intention to reduce height by 20% on 1 no. Western Red Cedar, 1 no. Yew tree and 1 no. Holly tree. Remove 2 no. stems (1 no. from group of four stems and 1 no. from group of 2 stems) on 1 no. Box tree.


SDNP/19/04784/OHL: Lilac Cottage, High Street. Construction of free standing wooden pole in new location to replace a previous pole that is 15m away from existing location.

SDNP/19/04738/HOUS: 2 Biddulph Mews, Little Hurst Cottage, Burton Park Road, Barlavington. Replacement of 5no metal windows to front (North) elevation.

SDNP/19/04739/LIS: 2 Biddulph Mews, Little Hurst Cottage , Burton Park Road, Barlavington. Replacement of 5no metal windows to front (North) elevation.


SDNP/19/04815/TPO: 1 Weavers Close. Crown reduce by up to 30% on 1 no. Oak tree (within area A1, quoted as T1) subject to EB/73/00403/TPO.

SDNP/19/04746/LIS: Rose Cottage, 305 Henley Old Road, Henley. Construction of dining/garden room.

SDNP/19/04745/HOUS: Rose Cottage, 305 Henley Old Road, Henle. Construction of dining/garden room.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/19/02479/FUL: Salt Cedar, 10 Tamarisk Walk, East Wittering. Replacement dwelling and associated works - variation of condition 2 of planning permission EWB/17/03066/FUL - variation of condition 2 on planning permission EWB/ 18/01886/FUL- reduction of glazed balustrade height on western side of balcony and external staircase. (In accordance with drawing nos. 121.0.001 Rev 02, 121.3.061 Rev 05, 121.3.062 Rev 06, 121.3.210 Rev 07 and 121.3.211 Rev 07.)

EWB/19/02480/FUL: Salt Cedar, 10 Tamarisk Walk, East Wittering. Replacement dwelling and associated works - (Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission EWB/17/03066/FUL) - Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission EWB//18/01886/FUL - To reference amended drawings showing amendments to materials, fenestration, boundary treatments and other minor alterations in accordance with drawing Nos. 121.3.010 Rev 07, 121.3.061 Rev 06, 121.3.062 Rev 07, 121.3.210 Rev 06 and 121.3.211 Rev 06.

Elsted and Treyford

SDNP/19/04453/FUL: Allan Cottage, Buriton Road, Treyford. Demolition and rebuilding of the former Allan Cottage, including replacement garage.


SDNP/19/02687/FUL: Fernden Grange, Fernden Lane. Construction of equestrian arena.


FU/19/01884/DOM: Rookmoore Farm, West Ashling Road, Hambrook. Single storey rear extension.

SDNP/19/04628/TCA: Funtington House, Common Road. Notification of intention to crown reduce by 1.5m (all round) on 1 no. Yew tree (quoted as T1). Crown reduce by 3m (all round) on 1 no. Bay tree (quoted as T2). Reduce height by 2m (all round) and width by 2m (south sector) on 1 no. Holm Oak tree (quoted as T3). Crown reduce by 3m (all round) on 1 no. Yew tree (quoted as T4) and 1 no. Holm Oak tree (quoted as T5). Reduce height by 4m and width by 2m on 1 no. Tulip tree (quoted as T6). Reduce height by 2m and width by 1m on 3 no. Yew trees (quoted as T7, T8 and T9). Crown reduce by 2m (all round) on 1 no. Walnut tree (quoted as T10). Reduce width by 3m (West Sector) and reduce width by 2m (East Sector) on 1 no. Yew tree (quoted as T11). Crown reduce by up to 50% on 1 no. Lime tree (quoted as T12).


SDNP/19/03592/FUL: Three Cornered Piece, East Harting Hollow Road, East Harting. Demolition of stables and removal of the existing static mobile home and erection of 1 no. dwelling.


KD/19/02123/FUL: Lower Barn (Near Chandlers Barn), Skiff Lane, Wisborough Green. Demolition of Lower Barn replaced with 1 no. dwelling with detached garage and store.

SDNP/19/04432/HOUS: Little Bignor Farm, A272 Wakestone Lane To Croucham Lane. Demolition and replacement of existing modern side extension.

SDNP/19/04433/LIS: Little Bignor Farm, A272 Wakestone Lane To Croucham Lane. Demolition and replacement of existing modern side extension.


LM/19/01866/DOM: 14 Hillside Road, Camelsdale. Proposed dropped kerb. Demolition of garden workshop and construction of new garage and garden workshop.


SDNP/19/04683/TCA: Well House, High Hamstead Lane. Notification of intention to crown reduce by up to 4m on 1 no. Ash tree (T1).


SDNP/19/04444/FUL: The Granaries, Bepton Road. Partial demolition on ground floor, alteration and conversion of former storage building to provide 2 self-contained flats with parking to serve the residential units.

SDNP/19/04205/LIS: The Bricklayers Arms, Wool Lane. Like for like decorations of all previously painted surfaces. Timber repairs to windows, cills, frames and doors. Replace 1 no. window and sash with like for like window.


SDNP/19/04836/HOUS: Keepers Cottage, Fernhurst Road. Single storey rear extension.


SDNP/19/04591/TCA: Rectory, A283 Luffs Meadow To Pipers Lane. Notification of intention to crown lift 1 no. lower limb and 3 no. secondary limbs to achieve 5.5m height on 1 no. Yew tree (T1). Width reduction by 0.5m on western sector by up to 2m on 1 no. Holly tree (T2). Crown lift 2 no. lower secondary limbs and 3 no. small branches to achieve 5.5 metre height on 1 no. Yew tree (T3).

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/19/02183/FUL: Brackenhurst Place, The Street, Plaistow. Change of use of existing garage and store to ancillary annexe.

PS/19/02449/DOM: The Coach House, Oak Lane, Shillinglee. Remove 2 no. single garage doors, install 1 no. double door, decrease the opening and increase bricks flanks to each side of the door.


PW/19/02551/ADJ: Sacred Heart Church, Angel Street. Window repairs.

SDNP/19/04279/TCA: 329I Grove Street. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Prunus tree (quoted as T1), 2 no. Cypress tree (quoted as T2 and T3) and 1 no. Cypress tree (quoted as T4).


SDNP/19/04488/TPO: Land adjacent to Longwood East, London Road, Hill Brow. Fell 2 no. Laurel trees quoted as L01 and L04, pollard down to 2m on 3 no. Laurel trees quoted as L03, L05 and L06 and pollard down to 3m on 1 no. Laurel tree quoted as L02 (within area A1) subject to SDNP/18/00247/TPONP.

SDNP/19/04024/FUL: Bracken Wood, Rake Hanger, Hill Brow. 1 no. replacement dwelling.


SY/19/02041/DOM: 45 James Street. Demolition of attached garage and construction of a two storey extension including a new garage.

SY/19/02453/DOM: 25 Lingfield Way. Single storey porch extension.


SI/19/02097/DOM: 10 Bremere Lane. Proposed single storey rear extension.

SI/19/02513/LBC: Mill Hamlet Cottage, Mill Lane. Internal alterations including demolition of existing first floor partition wall, construction of proposed first floor partition wall and creation of built in cupboards.


SDNP/19/04477/HOUS: 26 The Leys. Change of roof material on the shallow pitched roof to the rear of the property from tiled to UPVC single-ply membrane.


SB/19/02375/FUL: Land End Stables, South West Of Churchers Copse Barn, Hambrook Hill South, Hambrook. Change of use of land as a dog exercise area.

SB/19/02466/TPA: The Garden House, Main Road, Nutbourne. Remove lowest limb on East sector on 1 no. Sweet Chestnut tree (T1) subject to SB/94/00899/TPO.


SDNP/19/04493/LIS: 4 Dean Lane End, Forestside. Replace the cracked render on the front wall with lime based render. Replace rotten wooden window frames with hardwood window frames (both ground and first floor windows) and restore metal windows to original state.


TG/19/02515/TPA: 10 Merlin Close. Fell 1 no. Lime tree (T10) subject to TG/91/0100/TPO.

Trotton With Chithurst

SDNP/19/03517/HOUS: Downsview House, Rother Lane, Trotton. Erection of new front porch and rear veranda to existing dwelling. Installation of 1 no. dormer and alterations and additions to fenestration of existing dwelling. Installation of 2 no. dormers to existing garage/annexe building with alterations and additions to fenestration.


WE/19/02452/FUL: Meadow View, Woodmancote Lane, Woodmancote. Change of use of existing external residential store to form 1 no. holiday let unit.

WE/19/02500/DOM: Cedar Way, Hambrook Hill North, Hambrook. Addition of first floor accommodation in roof space to existing detached garage.

West Lavington

SDNP/19/03670/FUL: Land at Highstanding Stable, Selham Road. Proposed all weather equine exercise track.

West Wittering

WW/19/02401/TPA: North Cottage, Combe Row, Pound Road. Crown reduce by 1m on 1 no. Walnut tree (T1) subject to WW/07/00076/TPO.

WW/19/02423/TPA: The Heathers, Elms Lane. Crown reduce by 30% (all round) and crown lift to 1.8m (above ground level) on 1 no. Sycamore tree within Area, A5 subject to WW/70/01128/TPO.