Should there be a People's Vote? Here's what our readers think...

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Picture: Getty Images

Responding to post from The Observer, readers have shared their views on whether or not there should be a People's Vote prior to leaving the EU.

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The most popular comment on social media came from Kenneth Cross, who said: "No we had the People's Vote back in 2016. Whether we voted remain or leave, we must respect the original vote and just leave the EU."

In contrast, another of the more popular comments, Nick Field compared a People's Vote to buying a house: "It I decided to buy a house, put an offer in that was accepted — and then received a survey saying the house was not in as good condition as I thought it was, the I would want to be able to reconsider.

"We've learned a lot since the 2016 vote and there's a huge number of people who want to reconsider. If there's a People's Vote and the vote is still to leave, then fair enough. But at least a decision will be made based on reality rather than wishful thinking, huge exaggerations and outright lies (from both sides)."

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Terry Evans called democracy the bedrock of the United Kingdom. He said: "accept the outcome. Don't cry or moan. Just get on with it. One day you will get your chance and win a vote. Why force all of this negativity on everyone else because you have not had your way. GROW UP YOU NAIVE CHILDREN."

Reg Rollason said: "I didn't agree with the results of the last general election. Promises made by the politicians in order to get elected have been broken. I want a rerun of the election. Additionally more people voted against the conservatives than voted for them Sufficient reasons for a rerun? Or shall we abide by the rules in place at the time of the election / referendum."

Sarah Watkins said: "There was a People's Vote in 2016. They need to get on and sort it out. They've had nearly three years to get a deal in place."

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Isabel Thurston said: "Yes. When the previous vote was held there was not enough information — people didn't really know what the EU does. Many still don't! This would be a chance to vote on the actual deal."

Julian Breeds said he was 'glad he emigrated' and said: "Just look at you all!"

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