Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not disapppoint

Cramped crowds have been expressing their excitement after they met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this morning in Chichester.

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 3:55 pm
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 5:19 pm
Street view of the vast crowd along West Street

The crowds were buzzing with excitement and were not left disappointed as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke to the enthusiastic supporters who flocked into the city centre

Yvonne Verrall travelled from Cornwall with her sister to catch a glimpse of the royal couple and said: "We had to come. They do a great job and they are such a lovely couple.

"The work they do is brilliant for mental health and they deserve real praise."

Street view of the vast crowd along West Street

Chichester resident Tia Ansari, described the couple as 'so enchanting and welcoming'.

She said: "I am really grateful that Meghan came over and spoke to me.

"Meghan told me that she has been looking forward to their royal visit."

The royal couple also spent time talking to and waving to the many children in the crowds with students from The Prebendal School,in West Street, standing proudly in their uniform awaiting the Duke and Duchess,

Speaking to some of the pupils after the visit, they were beaming with happiness.

Ana, aged 10 said: "They came over and shook my hand.

"I told Harry how beautiful Meghan is and he told me to go tell her myself, so I did. She said I was very sweet.

"It was the best day of my life."

Another pupil, Miquel aged 11, said: "I had a lovely day and it was great that I spoke to Harry and Meghan. I even got a chance to speak to them in Spanish."

After shaking hands with the Duke and Duchess, Dolly, aged 9, said: "It was really cool.

"Harry asked me what my name was and then shook my hand. I am never washing my hand again.

"I would really like for them to come back again soon."

There were many young children that came along with their parents and for most was their first royal visit.

Suzanne Haskins brought along her eight month old daughter, Emilia.

She said: "I am from Chichester, so I think this is great for the area.

"This isn't my first royal visit as I met Princess Margret back when I was in school, but it is the first and hopefully not the last for Emilia."

A Chichester woman, who is originally from Canada brought along her three-year-old son, Owen.

She said: "I spoke to them both and it was very cool.

"She was asked whereabouts in Canada I am from and she was telling me how small the world was.

"It was nice that for Owen's first visit that he had the chance to speak to Harry and Meghan."

Meanwhile children from Teddy Wilf Nursery in Westgate have been learning about people who help with in the society so the staff thought it would be a great opportunity for the children to see all the police officers who were working down West Street.

The children were also 'very excited' to see the Harry and Meghan has they had a picnic party for the royal wedding back in May.