Residents 'despair' as 'defenceless' Seal is stoned on Selsey beach

Residents have shared their view following concerns for a 'defenceless' seal on Selsey beach this week.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 11:02 am
The seal resting on the beach

Commenting on social media, readers of The Observer and Selsey residents described their anger following the news that people had been spotted throwing stones at a seal which was resting on Selsey beach.

Read the original story here: Concern for safety of seal on Selsey beach

Sandra Marelli said: "Oh for goodness sake! A wonderful bit of nature visits and what's the best people can do? Throw stones at it. I despair at times."

Philip Mordle said: "Someone close to hand should get down there and protect it I think."

A distance of at least 100 yards has been recommended for beach-goers.

Jack Olley, who was quoted in the original story, also provided an update on the seal: "Thank you guys for raising awareness. A medic has assessed our seal and says he it well but now we must leave him in peace!"

Lynn-Marie Gill said: "What is the matter with some people... Seriously think the decent people liking in Selsey should take it in turns to keep watch when our lovely animal friend comes ashore to rest.

"I for one would be more than happy to keep an eye on him/her if that's what it takes to protect this gentle creature from harm or harassment."