Stradivarius played at Great Ballard

Pupils and parents at Great Ballard School enjoyed two concerts performed by Stradivarius Piano Trio.

Sunday, 15th October 2017, 12:14 pm
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The musicians are all world class and played piano, violin and cello with the violin being a rare Stradivarius.

In the afternoon, the children were entranced by their concert and the trio of Andrew Bernardi, Jonathan Few and Maria Marchant chatted with them throughout the performance about music, how it made them feel, what sort of words might they choose to describe the sounds they heard and how many notes did they think could be played at once on each instrument.

The children really engaged and after were able to ask Andrew about being a musician”

Chris Larley, director of Music at Great Ballard, said: “It is important for children to hear live music and without doubt, they had experienced a wonderful variety of styles and emotions in the programme. From dreams to tangos with some of a Beethoven Sonata, it was an afternoon to remember and had been an inspiration to all.”