LETTER: Roundabout is confusing and dangerous

The brush-off response from Highways England regarding the Stockbridge roundabout has naturally resulted in no change. And yet the roundabout remains confusing and dangerous. If, as they say, they are ‘monitoring’ the roundabout, then perhaps they can share the results with us.

Meanwhile, the thousands of drivers who use the roundabout daily are having to choose between two conflicting Highway Code rules – going through a green light or giving way to the right. I cannot imagine the police are too happy about this either as they have a lead role in public safety and Highway Code enforcement. Their comments would be interesting.

In any case the solution is remarkably simple. All Highways England has to do is to remove the bulbs of the misleading green lights and allow the normal roundabout rules to apply. When a pedestrian wants cross, the red light will show for a short time before it switches off. End of confusion, and if anyone dares to say the lights can’t be adjusted this way, I will say it’s not rocket science.

If a major collision now occurs at Stockbridge then Highways England cannot say they haven’t been warned and I pray they don’t ever have to give evidence to a court of law. Or at worst to a coroner.