Sunday, 9th October 2011, 3:33 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:25 pm

Goodwoods 43 Fittleworth 34

Bognor Goodwoods Silver kicked off their Winter League programme with a 4-2 home win over Fittleworth.

On mat one M Williams, M Goodland, B Williams and J Hanson lost 19-14 to the visitors’ Jean Lucking, Roger Lucking, Sue Judd and Alan Jordan.

Two ends from home, Silvers were just one shot behind, but Fittleworth scored two shots on each to ensure victory.

On mat two, G Roope, B Baines, D Lovell and B Goodland beat Fittleworth’s Lynn White, Nancy Goodyer, Betty Williams and Dave Herbert 29-15 to give victory to Goodwoods by 43-34. There was a comfortable win on the friendly mat for Goodwoods by 31-11 over Fittleworth’s Audrey Hodgson, Tony Broughton, Mark Wood and Gina Barnfield.

Playing at home in the first round of the County Knockout Cup, Bognor Goodwoods Reds suffered a heavy defeat against Southwater.

On mat one, B Williams, M Goodland, J Harbut and J Hanson (s) lost 34-12 with the visitors scoring seven on end 14 to open up a nine-shot lead.   

There was a much closer finish on mat two with G Roope, G King, D Lovell and B Goodland (skip) losing 18-15. The overall score was 52-27. Reds join other first-round losers in the knockout plate.


In the first round of the County KO Cup, Lavant B were drawn away to Upper Beeding. In a game of low end scores, Tony Boxall’s team just kept ahead but ended up losing by six shots.

Bill Cooper’s team had a five-shot lead after the first end but Beeding piled on the pressure and won by 22 shots.

Lavant will play in the county plate for first-round losers.

Scores: Tony Boxall, P Sharrod, J Conway, W Cooper lost 19-13; Bill Cooper, S Lillywhite, M Winter, J Lee lost 33-11.


President’s Team 99 Captain’s Team 88

Arun IBC members had their first proper game of the season between the president and club captain’s line-ups - and what a good game it was. The president’s team won by ten shots overall.

At the halfway stage, the president’s team were ten shots ahead and they maintained that lead to the end of the match.

Scores: V May, B Fitch, M Johnson, J Muffett won 24-15; R Lincoln, J Olliver, D Sayers, D Leach won 24-13; P Green, W Branford, R Gardner, T Sayers lost 28-12; M Campbell, D Winchester, A Humphries, B Horsley lost 22-16; G Finch, D Enniscott, R Bishop, B Napper lost 21-11.

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