Author promises "deep dive into our beliefs about ourselves"

Midhurst-based chartered psychologist and energy healer Nikki Gresham-Record takes a “deep dive into our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world around us” in her new book.

Monday, 6th January 2020, 11:35 am

Working with Chakras for Belief Change – The Healing InSight Method is published by Findhorn Press and available from (including resources, online training and workshops), Amazon, Waterstones or WHSmiths online.

Nikki explains: “The book looks at the power of belief in our everyday lives and how this shapes our experience of reality. It addresses the workings of and accessing to the subconscious mind to heal old hurts and wounds, freeing us from past hurts and stories that no longer serve us.

“It teaches an alignment process to assist with letting go of what no longer serves, enabling us to generally feel better. When you change your beliefs and align, for example, with worthiness, being lovable, safe, abundant, successful, you actually start to experience and create a different reality. You perceive life differently and feel and behave differently.

“My life’s journey took me into having to come to understand the mind body spirit connection.

“I’m a psychologist by trade, with a passion and interest in healing, energy work and spirituality. I teach Reiki and Qigong and integrate energy healing work in my counselling psychology practice. I’ve been fully booked for some time and wanted to reach more people.

“While I thought I was creating some wall art, the wall art turned into a card deck and then a complete self-help healing system. I found a publisher who gave me six months to write the book,which is now reaching far and wide across the world. In fact I’ve been invited to present the healing system (Healing InSight) at the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference. A little exciting and perhaps a little nerve wracking. I will definitely be using the system to help build my confidence for that!

“This is what the system is for; if anyone wishes to overcome the obstacles of the mind the ‘I can’t ‘, ‘things don’t work out for me’, ‘I’ll never…’ and so on, and live from the heart, follow the heart’s desires, then the system really and truly enables that. It helps us to access our possibility, the truth, liberating us from old conditioning – the patterns and programs that tend to keep us small.”

Nikki explains: “I had a few years of bullying when I was 14 years old, with this and a few other life circumstances, I began to shut down. I learnt how to make myself unseen and unheard in order to keep myself safe and I lost contact with my true self.

“At 18 I started to experience pains in my body and at 19 was diagnosed with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. I became progressively worse and with two very small children at 31 had reached my all-time low.

“I was completely disempowered, believed that I would have lupus for the rest of my life and simply did not know how I would cope. There was one moment when I reached out to the heavens, praying for help and declaring myself open to the healing energies of the universe. Within an hour or two, I was introduced to a healer, and reluctantly had my first healing session. The following morning I woke up and could breathe properly for the first time in a few months. I had inflammation in my ribs. I was amazed and very curious!

“I started to immerse in energy psychology and healing modalities, cleaned up my diet, had an epiphany that I needed to take personal responsibility for my own healing and found belief work.

“I did a lot of inner work, changed many beliefs and over time achieved a complete recovery from supposedly incurable lupus, thanks to the power of working with and healing the mind, body and spirit.”