The life of a popular self-taught ventriloquist

This week Vicky met Ventriloquist and comedian, Max Fulham

Monday, 20th May 2019, 11:58 am
Max Fulham

When did you get the bug for ventriloquism?

My parents bought me a puppet for Christmas when I was about nine years old. I watched every ventriloquist clip I could find and practiced for hours on end.

How did you develop your skills?

A combination of a lack of friends and owning a mirror! I’m joking; it was nowhere near as tragic as that. I taught myself and just kept on going until the encouraging comments of ‘that was good’ from kind aunties became the somewhat more genuine comments of ‘that was good’ from audiences!

How many puppets do you have?

I own far too many puppets ,but only a select few are in my act, including Grandad Eugene, a cheeky old man who never fails to cause havoc and flirt with any Thomasina, Vick or Harriet!

How long has ventriloquism been entertaining people?

One of the most fascinating things to me about the history of ventriloquism is that it’s only in relatively recent history that it has been a form of entertainment. For many years, ventriloquism was used as a way to make it seem like you were conjuring up spirits!

Are variety acts back in vogue?

Variety is definitely having a resurgence, which makes me so happy! It is such a great form of entertainment, that harks back to music hall but is now innovating to be relevant to modern audiences.

Ventriloquism has seen a similar rise in popularity, with ventriloquists going viral on YouTube and making their way into the mainstream comedy scene.

Currently touring Butlin’s camps with your act, you’ve also done panto, last year with Wayne Sleep and this year with Christopher Biggins. How does it feel to be so successful so young?

It is completely mind-blowing! I’m having a blast doing Butlin’s and to be appearing in panto again this year is very exciting, never mind with the one and only Christopher Biggins! I’m a big pantomime fan.

What advice would you give to aspiring vents?

You will look stupid to begin with! Keep going. I talked to myself walking to school every day on the way to secondary school, so I got a lot of practice in.

Is it true that you’re back by popular demand and appearing in the 2019 ‘Live at the Regis’ variety show?

I am over the moon to be returning to the lovely Alexandra Theatre! I had such a great time last year and I’m really looking forward to performing with the friends I made, as well with great new acts, including our incredible headliner Bobby Davro!

As for Bognor audiences, they are just wonderful.

What can people expect from Live at the Regis?

To laugh, be entertained and escape the world of Trump and Brexit for an hour or two. It is going to be a spectacular show, jam-packed full of fantastic acts.

Further info: Twitter/ insta: @MaxFulham

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Live at the Regis: 21-25 August. 01243 861010