Here are West Sussex's top ten takeaway dishes

Chicken nuggets, chips and ketchup
Chicken nuggets, chips and ketchup

A new report from Just Eat shows what foods West Sussex residents are most likely to order.

Just Eat found that across Britain, Italian is the nation’s favourite cuisine. However, in West Sussex kebabs are the most ordered takeaway food with one out of every four orders being for this Middle Eastern seasoned meat and salad dish.

The top ten takeaway dishes West Sussex residents order are:

1) Kebab

2) Cheeseburger

3) Chicken Kebab

4) Pizza Margherita

5) Chicken Korma

6) Chicken Tikka Masala

7) Noodles

8) Chinese Beef

9) Hot Dogs

10) Chicken Nuggets

Graham Corfield, UK managing director of Just Eat said: “The kebab is still king on many UK high streets, but takeaway trends are being shaken up by adventurous eaters looking to sample the hottest new cuisine and healthier, more conscious foodies opting for leaner options.

"Vegan is the fastest growing cuisine ordered on Just Eat last year, with orders growing by 1500% across the UK. We also saw a much bigger appetite for Cantonese cuisine and Nigerian food.

"With 29,000 restaurants available on the Just Eat app nationwide, collectively delivering thousands of takeaways every week, we’re pleased to offer a wide choice of cuisines from independent restaurants and brands that people know and love.”