Chichester named restaurant hotspot – with more eateries per head than any other city in the UK

New research by property experts CIA Landlords found Chichester was the city with the most restaurants per head in the UK.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 8:47 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 8:51 am
New Chichester restaurant Lime and Squeezy: chef Surasee Trisumritdach and owner Pranee Laurillard. Photo by Derek Martin Photography.

The company studied how many restaurants there are per person in each major city across the UK, the EU and the rest of the world.

And the research found that the UK’s restaurant hotspot is not London, as many would expect, but in Chichester with one restaurant for every 154 people.

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The top 10 restaurants in Chichester as rated by TripAdvisor reviewers
Purchases, Marco Ruggieri, Joe Fitzpatrick and Amy Stafford. Photo by Derek Martin Photography.

In Chichester, the average meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs £16 per head whilst the average price for some of the city’s top restaurants comes out as a reasonable £18.75 each.

Popular places to eat in Chichester include, Viento Delevante, Reina Kitchen and Cassons.

Also landing in the UK top five were Truro, Bangor, Manchester and Stirling.

Meanwhile, the lowest performing city was Lancaster with just one restaurant for every 1,000 residents.

The population size of each city was compared against the number of restaurants listed on TripAdvisor. The average meal prices were determined via cost of living data from Numbeo.