Survey reveals shopping habits of Chichester residents

North Street Chichester
North Street Chichester

A survey put out by the Observer has revealed what Chichester residents are using the city for, how often, and more.

Readers responded to the survey with suggestions on how to make the city even better including later licences for venues in the city and reduced parking fees. Read the full story here: What could make our city even better? Here's what you had to say...
The survey was taken by 411 people, 63 per cent of whom are Chichester residents and aimed to show what people are using the city centre for and what could be done to make it even better.

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To the question 'where do you go shopping' 54 per cent of people said they shop in Chichester, 26 per cent in Portsmouth, 11 per cent in Brighton, five per cent Bognor Regis, three per cent in Guildford and one per cent in Worthing.

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Even with most people choosing to shop in Chichester, however, only 14 per cent of people would definitely recommend Chichester city centre to friends. On a scale from nought to five, nought being 'definitely not' and five being 'definitely' nine per cent chose nought, 12 per cent for one, 18 per cent for two, 30 per cent for three and 17 per cent for four.

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What are the main reasons for your visits? 42 per cent said they came to Chichester for shopping, 22 per cent for eating out, 17 per cent for work, nine per cent selected the option 'other', eight per cent for visiting family and friends and two per cent for the theatre.

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A majority of people said they travelled to the city centre by car (53 per cent), 32 per cent walk, six per cent by bus, six per cent by train, and nobody chose the option for taxi.

Shops like Primark would encourage more people to spend time in the city centre according 45 per cent of people who took the survey, second was alternative attractions with 16 per cent, 13 per cent said free parking, 11 per cent chose the option for 'other', eight per cent said pubs, 5 per cent said children's activities and two per cent said improved public transport.

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Twenty-eight per cent of people visit the city on a weekly basis, 20 per cent daily, 16 per cent twice monthly, 14 per cent twice weekly, 12 per cent rarely and ten per cent monthly.

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