Residents warned after postal scam in Chichester

The letter received by Carrie Hayler
The letter received by Carrie Hayler

Residents have been warned after several people received scam letters.

Rachel Austin said she received the letter, alleging to be from FIFA, 'about ten days ago' and but decided to look it up online.

She said: "I was concerned and I realised it was a scam. It said you had to pay one per cent of the winnings."

In the letter, which was addressed to the previous tenant, Rachel was told the winnings were £725,000 and was asked to pay £7,250 to pay for the bank transfer.

Carrie Hayler from Garling Close had been targeted with a similar letter.

"I googled it and the first thing that came up was that Which? had investigated it."

Carrie was offered £900,000 but instead of being asked to pay a percentage, she was asked to call on a premium line.

She added: "When you first open it you do get a little bit of and excited thrill but the you sit down and think about it.

"If something seems to good to be true, it usually is. Fortunately I'm not daft but I think some people will fall for it."

Which? Consumer rights expert Adam French said: "Postal scams typically offer something that sounds attractive but in reality it doesn't exist. So, before responding you should always consider whether what's on offer seems too good to be true. If it does then it is likely to be a scam.

"Requests for money should always be treated with suspicion, so if you think you've been targeted, be sure to report the scam to Royal Mail."


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