Arun are a friendly lot as Sussex and Sutton are beaten

Arun Indoor Bowls Club's men finished their year of friendlies in style.

Monday, 7th January 2019, 8:53 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:36 am
Recent action at Arun / Picture by Steve Robards

First, they hosted Sussex County Indoor Bowls Association and had an unexpectedly easy win.

Winning four of the six rinks, they won 153-85, with P.White’s rink two (where he was helped by J Elliott, T Hayes and M Hilton) winning 43-7.

Other rink scores: G King, C Chester, M Bird, N Hatfield (s) lost 15-19; A Murrell, R Osment, K.Ball, T Sayers (s) won 22-12; L Etherington, K Hellyer, B Sanford, R Gardner (s) lost 15-21; J Sparrow, P Lacy, R Dear, J Whitfield (s) won 25-16; N Waddock, M Schools, R Hobbs, P Green (s) won 33-10.

They then hosted Sutton IBC and achieved another emphatic win, 132-109. Again they won four of the six rinks. All rinks had fairly close margins.

Scores: C Chester, B Lawson, D Wright, J Brazier (s) lost 15-23; G King, F Biggs, M Johnson, K Ball (s) won 27-14; L Etherington, G Kendall, D Ford, P White (s) won 27-14; N Waddock, M Bird, B Sanford, R Gardner (s) lost 18-24; J Elliott, D Parker, J Fox, P Hannan won 21-15; J Sparrow, B Sales, M Hilton, J Whitfield (s) won 24-19.

First blood to the ladies in Arun battle of the sexesWest Sussex bowlers get better of neighboursArun men had the daunting task of hosting leaders Egerton Park and it looked like Egerton’s success would continue. At half-time, they were leading 61-53, but the tea break seemed to invigorate Arun and the match was turned on its head with a final score of 131-121 giving Arun six league points to two.

On rink one D.Jackson, M.Bird, J.Whitfield and E. Pidgeon (skip) won 25-22.

It was not until the last end on the last rink that the result could be confirmed. It lifted Arun off the bottom .

Scores: D Jackson, M Bird, J Whitfield, E Pidgeon (s) won 25-22; L Etherington, R Dear, K Ball, T Sayers (s) lost 18-24; G Ball, N Hatfield, P Murphy, G Leaman (s) won 19-15; P Lichfield, N Waddock, R Corkett, P Green (s) won 24-19; P Hamnett, K Hellyer, G Miller, B Butler (s) won 22-14; C Gilham, T Cook, M Hilton, L Corne (s) lost 23-27.