Second application submitted for The Vestry

From left: Team member Alice Clarke; manager Charlie Rose; designated premises supervisor Nick Marshall.
From left: Team member Alice Clarke; manager Charlie Rose; designated premises supervisor Nick Marshall.

A second planning application for extended hours at the Vestry has been submitted.

Plans for the city centre bar to extend their opening hours to 2.30am were submitted after the first application was withdrawn. The venue has a licence which allows members of the public on the site until 2.30am but an older planning application says it must shut at 12am.

The Vestry applies for extended hours
The designated premises supervisor at the South Street bar, Nick Marshall, said the venue had made 'a number of alterations' that were proposed by Chichester District Council.

"They have been helpful with us and all our conversations have been very progressive. After a few assurances like systems in place to ensure that we minimise any risk of disruption to neighbours," he said.

Support pours in for extended hours at The Vestry
"That already happens as part of our licencing so we have no objection against that and we are happy to work with them."

Nick said when the alterations to the application were discussed, it was decided that withdrawing the original and creating a new application would take away any confusion once changes had been made.

The Vestry withdraws extended hours application
He added: "The open dialogue with the council is allowing us to progress and the new application deals with a lot of issues that Chichester District Council felt were important."

The Vestry management are said to be looking on the process positively, despite the timing setback, as they are 'one step closer to getting what we want'.

A determination date for the decision was originally set for the end of March this year but it was extended on March 15. The district council's planning department said 'ongoing discussions are necessary'.

Decision on Vestry's hours is pushed back
One of the documents submitted to Chichester District Council's planning portal is titled 'Operational Policies: Noise Management and Dispersal'.

Part of the document said: "We operate a considerate business there are some residential properties in the area around us and we manage all noise from our premises so we do not disturb people resting and sleeping in their homes."

Vestry 'completely ecstatic' at level of support for extended hours
It adds: "The dispersal police is designed to ensure that the normal commercial operation of the premises does not have a negative impact on neighbouring properties when people leave the premises."

The operational policies outline a number of actions the venue is taking to meet guidelines. An assessment by independent noise consultants Big Sky Acoustics found the venue to be operating in accordance with the premises licence issued by Chichester District Council.