Chichester's lost businesses: The changing nature of our high street

Here are the Chichester businesses that have closed or announced a future closure in the past year...

Monday, 4th February 2019, 10:34 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 8:33 pm
North Street, Chichester. Photo by Kate Shemilt

With shopping trends constantly changing, the nature of the high street has had to change with it. Unfortunately, this often means businesses down-sizing, moving out of the area, or shut down completely.

In February 2018, it was announced that clothing store East, in South Street would be closing down after the national chain went into administration the month prior. Around the same time, Swarovski moved out of its site in East Street as its lease ended in April. Read more here: Two more shops look set to close in Chichester

A popular bar and café, Forum Café and Wine Bar, in Church Square also announced it would closing its door for good back in April last year. A statement on the bar's Facebook page read: ""Please please please support your local businesses, the cards are stacked.

Carl Whiteside at his store Guitar Sound. Photo by Joe Stack

"The system is against us and we need as much support as you can give, walk that extra five minutes, make the effort or we will all be gone very soon. Nobody wants a high street with no character." Read more here: Popular city cafe announces its closure

Pushka Fashion Boutique announced in August 2018 it would be permanently closing its site in Cathedral Courtyard, Southgate. Speaking at the time, sales assistant Sophie Jennings said it was likely the business would be moving out of Chichester and rising rents and business rates were cited as the reason. Read more here: Changes due for Cathedral Courtyard shops

In October food manufacturer Princes said it would be closing its factory at by the end of 2020 affecting as many as 200 jobs. Read more here: Around 200 jobs at risk from Princes closure in Chichester

Bailey's Artisan Gelato closed in December and said demand for the product was 'not as we anticipated' after moving into the city walls, "It is therefore with regret that we have ceased trading", sign on the door read. The store thanked all its customers who enjoyed their services. Read more here: Baileys Artisan Gelato in Chichester closes down

House of Fraser in West Street. Picture by Tony Elkin

After House of Fraser went into administration, there was much confusion as to whether to Chichester store would be staying put. House of Fraser was bought out by Sports Direct Ltd but talks between the company and the investment fund which manages the West Street House of Fraser site failed. Read more here: House of Fraser: Shoppers share memories as site closes for last timeIndependent music shop, Guitar Sound, announced it would be moving out its site toward the end of the month to function solely as an online business. Again, rising rents and business rates were given as the main reasons but Carl Whitesite, who owns the business also said there is a change in how the consumer operates, being able to compare prices with numerous guitar websites and having to reduce margins as a result. Read more here: Independent Chichester business to close city centre site